• Mr. YuMingfang, Chairman and Founder of Fang Group Investment Limited, and the founding partner of Fang Fund Partners since 2011.He is also a major investor of dozens US dollar funds and RMB funds.
  • Mr. Yu led and participated in many domestic and overseas investment projects, which covered all stages from early to later investment.
  • Mr. Yu was co-founder (Executive Director, COO) of Belle International Holdings Limited. Belle Group is one of Hang Seng Index constituent stocks. It is the largest domestic apparel, shoes and sports ware manufacturing and retail group.
  • Not only obtaining his career achievements, Mr. YU is also keen on public welfare contributions. He is the Director and Membership Development committee man of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) China, Director of The Paradise International Foundation, which aiming to protect and make positive contribution to nature environment.
  • Mr. Yu achieved his MBA from Beijing Administrative College and EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.


  • Lethe Dong, the former Managing Director of Hina Group, has been engaged in the investment field since 2004.
  • As the managing partner of the Fund, Ms. Dong establishes teams to manage the investment business of the USD fund and RMB fund. The investment fields mainly cover the internet, the modern service industry and the environmental protection industry. The invested projects include Best Logistics, ChineseAll, ShengJing360, CPCEP, BoxFishEdu, Sun Loading, Family of Health, J.E Service Center, etc.
  • Ms. Dong holds an MBA from Tsinghua University and a Bachelor’s Degreein Computers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.


  • Fang Fund, Founding Partner-Founder of Flame China, LongCredit Data, Director Huayi Brothers Sports Culture, Board Member
  • More than 10 years’ experience in marking operation of high consumption and brand strategy planning.
  • Rich investment experience in the fields of Big data, Consumption Upgrades and Education. Led and participated in investment projects such as Scry.info, Longcredit, Everstring, TVM, Royole, Tigermed, etc.
  • Having been supporting the “China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” since 2012, acted as entrepreneurship mentor and project judge, discovered and supported lots of high-quality companies.
  • EMBA of Tsinghua University ,MSc in Administration of Aston University BSc in Marketing Management of Aston University。


  • Mr. Wu gang has many years of construction industry partners and senior management experience, familiar with Intelligent Manufacturing, Consumption Upgrading, Enterprise Services and other fields.
  • Mr. Wu gang is mainly responsible for in-depth investigation and analysis of relevant industrial chain, value chain and industry quality projects, investment judgment, project due diligence and portfolio management.
  • Mr. Wu gang has been the deputy general manager of Fang Fund since 2011. He is also in charge of the company's operation and daily management.


General Manager
  • Gloria Ge has been working as the Risk Control Director of Fang Fund since 2013 and the General Manager of Fang F und since 2016.
  • Familiar with capital market laws and regulations, good at risk control of the projects, trading structure design and portfolio management.
  • Rich practical experience in deep resource integration at the strategic level, government relations and investor relations management.
  • Rich experience in the cooperation, compliance, recruitment, establishment, management mechanism development and implementation of the fund; Successfully initiated Fang fund – Suzhou and Fanghua fund.
  • She has led the investment and financing negotiations of LongCredit Data, Sobot, Foresight Energy, 3DMed, Oceanalpha, YUNSPACE and other projects. She serves as the director of LongCredit Data and YUNSPACE. Graduated from Xiamen University with a bachelor of law degree.


  • Ms. Peng, the CFO of Fang Fund, has domestic (PRC GAAP) and international (IFRS and U.S. GAAP) expertise in finance, audits and financial analysis, and has more than 12 years of experience in various industries.
  • She was CFO of Elevation China Capital, Financial Manager of China Merchants Logistics Holding Co., Ltd., and American Reports manager of GDS Services (Suzhou) Ltd, preparing financial reports for companies that went to U.S. IPO. In addition, she was engaged in audit projects for public companies that spanned the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, U.S., etc.
  • She graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics with a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial and Accounting Management. She also obtained a CICPA certificate and passed the AICPA examination. She holds the title of intermediate accountant.