About Us

Fang Fund was led by Mr. Yu Mingfang, a famous entrepreneur and investor. With broad investment view and strong capital operation ability, the management team is able to deeply integrate high-quality social resources, drive industrial upstream and downstream linkage, provide value-added services for the industrial chain and create a new ecology of equity investment by virtue of the core strategy of “Investment + Industry + Resources”. Fang Fund deeply explores investment opportunities in the core growth areas of the new economy, with a view to providing investors with investment opportunities in China’s new economy in the next dacade.

“ Extensive global perspective and integration of quality resources are benefited from our years of business investment experience in China and around the world. Based on our thorough understanding of business and market, we try our best to help every enterprise that we invest to develop rapidly. Gathering powerful resources of related industries to offering added value continuously during the growth process of invested enterprises. Combine the resources of invested enterprises to create synergistic effect of industrial ecosystem. ”

  Our Advantages

Corporate Vision

 To become the fund most understanding of entrepreneurs
          To help entrepreneurs to achieve higher values, 
          To make efforts to promote the progress of society
          To contribute best to the wellbeing of mankind.  ”

Corporate Vision

  People-Oriented, Integrity-Based. 
           Resolving Social Pain Points.
           Exploring Trends, Driving Future.
           Creating Overall Value.  ”


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